Bellingen Shire Youth Services has a range of services, resources & events to help both young people and their families deal with everyday issues.

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Health & Wellbeing

The teenage years can be overwhelming with the changes that are happening for you, as your brain and your body change at a rapid rate. You may also be facing challenges at home, at school or amongst your friends and peers that don’t always make you feel happy. Here at BSYS we can support you…

Group Programs

From time to time BSYS offers workshops for parents and carers of adolescents to keep you informed about good parenting practices and how to deal with those difficult years!  We also know of other similar workshops that other youth and family-focused organisations are running and will share them on this page. If there is any…

Friendships & Peer Pressure

Bullying is a type of abuse that generally occurs amongst peers. It can happen in person, online or through texting.

Family Matters

Home life isn’t always a walk in the park.  Many people experience conflict and fighting at home, some conflict is normal, but sometimes things get out of control and can be harmful to everyone in the home. If it feels like things are out of control at home and it’s affecting other areas of your…

Drugs and Alcohol

It is not legal for a young person to drink alcohol until they are 18, however there can be a lot of pressure from their peers to start drinking at an earlier age. Alcohol can have a significant impact on how the brain develops during the teenage years, as well as other negative impacts on internal organs. If you think your child is starting to become reliant on alcohol then we recommend you talk to a health professional or one of our youth workers, as it may continue to have a negative impact on the rest of their life. Remember, as a parent or carer, you are a role model for your child.


Bullying is a type of abuse that generally occurs amongst peers. It can happen in person, online, or through texting. It involves one person, or a group of people, targeting an individual because you may be different, or they may be jealous of you.  Their negative actions or behaviour is intended to make someone feel…

Advocacy – helping you have your say

If you need to speak to other services, but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, we can help. Centrelink If you are having problems with Youth Allowance or other income-related matters, we can speak to Centrelink on your behalf, or help you make an appointment with Centrelink. Legal issues If you are in…

Adolescent Development – What’s normal

Adolescence is a time of rapid change.  As well as the more obvious physical changes, there are many other changes taking place.  All young people are unique and therefore the degree, rate and pace of change varies with the individual.  As a guide, these changes are normal: Physical development is often the most obvious change…