BSYS is a discreet and confidential service that is here to help young people and their families where relationships are strained, breaking down or there are concerns for the safety and welfare of a young person.

Our experienced youth caseworkers have the skills to help you and your family get back on track.  They have a good knowledge of the local area, as well as services and programs available to help you. Drop in to the office, give us a call or leave a message here and we will contact you.

Whats help & resources are on offer to parents and carers?

  • Adolescent Development – What’s normal

    Adolescence is a time of rapid change.  As well as the more obvious physical changes, there are many other changes taking place.

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  • Bullying

    Bullying is a type of abuse that generally occurs amongst peers. It can happen in person, online, or through texting.

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  • Group Programs

    From time to time BSYS offers workshops for parents and carers of adolescents to keep you informed about good parenting practices and how to deal with those difficult years!  We also know of other si

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  • Drugs and Alcohol

    It is not legal for a young person to drink alcohol until they are 18, however there can be a lot of pressure from their peers to start drinking at an earlier age.

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