Health & Wellbeing

The teenage years can be overwhelming with the changes that are happening for you, as your brain and your body change at a rapid rate. You may also be facing challenges at home, at school or amongst your friends and peers that don’t always make you feel happy.

Here at BSYS we can support you with advice on these matters or with referrals to experts who can help you.

Mental health

It is not uncommon for teenagers to experience periods of feeling down, confused, angry or other negative emotions. It is often hard to talk about things you might be feeling or experiencing for fear of judgment from family or friends. If you, or someone you know, is concerned about issues such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders or just feeling like you’ve lost control, there is plenty of support available. You can talk to one of our experienced youth workers for advice, and we can also refer you to others who can help you if necessary.

Physical health

If you are not feeling well and do not want to see your family doctor, we can refer you to a doctor who specialises in youth-related health matters, locally or in Coffs Harbour. We will never force you to see a doctor you don’t feel comfortable with. We can also accompany you to appointments if you wish.

Sexual health

You may be starting to become sexually active and looking for advice to keep yourself safe. You might want to find out what your options are relating to contraception, or you may be concerned that you have a sexually transmitted infection. Perhaps you are pregnant and you don’t know where to turn. We can support you with advice, refer you to an expert where necessary, and even accompany you to any appointments if you like.